Graphic Designer
Michelle Aubrey


b. 1986, HK.


Who I am:

  • My new name is Michelle Aubrey. 
  • I am a coffee guru. My dream is to have a shelf with every coffee brewing tool and apparatus.
  • I recently got married! 8-20-16 | & it rained the entire time {it was an outdoor wedding} and it made it even more of a dream.
  • I competed on the track & field team at Baylor University and did the heptathlon {7 different events}.
  • I have a sweet tooth.
  • I have recently developed a Vans obsession.

I am a perfectionist at large who refuses to complete a project in a hurried half-hearted manor despite my infinitely long to-do list. I am passionate about design and believe it makes an immense difference. I desire to serve with the skills the Lord has gifted me with in whatever way possible. Design brings me life, I know it is something I was created to do because it feels like play instead of work.

I am a driven designer with a desire to take a dream and turn it into a reality that is even better or more unique than what the dreamer imagined in the first place.